Vroeger Was Alles Beter 2017

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The challenge

The successful collaboration with Shockerz Events goes back a couple of years. From concept to execution, Start Moovin supports hardstyle classics event Vroeger Was Alles Beter in every way possible, regarding their online marketing. In the beginning of 2017 the first edition was held in Maaspoort, Den Bosch and it sold out completely before the event.

Now that the organization knew people were interested in the event, they wanted to take it to a higher level. While we focused more on nostalgia and pure classics during the first edition, they wanted us to add a bit more theme and storytelling to make the event stand out more.

Our approach


At Start Moovin Storytelling is a very important part of events, artists and related businesses. For the theme we started brainstorming together with stanbroeksteeg.nl. The organization gave us total creative freedom to come up with something fitting for the second edition of Vroeger Was Alles Beter. Since the event Vroeger Was Alles Beter uses a Dutch name, meaning ‘everything used to be better in the past’, we felt we could put some humour into the theme.


When we were constructing a possible line-up for the event, the name Gunz for Hire fell a couple of times. This live act, which always uses a gangster theme, had been active for a couple of years, but it was uncertain if their first music would already classify as ‘classic’. We took the risk and went for it and decided to make them the main characters in the theme. When thinking of gangsters / police shows and the Dutch, you immediately think of ‘Baantjer’, a classic detective show on Dutch television. That’s when we figured it would be a perfect match and came up with the subtitle ‘Jongens van de Ondergrond’, referring to the Gunz for Hire track ‘Kings of the Underground’.

When the artwork and lineup got released, the response was incredible. However, we hadn’t revealed Gunz for Hire yet. Instead, we created a separate trailer for them and released the addition a while afterwards. This ensured an extra buzz for the event.


“I have been working with Start Moovin for a few years now and I keep being amazed about the passion and creativity they put into these events, let alone their level of knowledge. They are hard-working, honest, down to earth and ready for you night and day.”

Robbert van Hinthum | Shockerz Events


By constantly monitoring the ad-results from the Vroeger Was Alles Beter campaigns we were able to divide the budget neatly and boosted them on ads that led to a higher Return On Investment, instead of using fixed amounts. Constantly optimizing and upscaling the conversions, has resulted in another sold out edition of Vroeger Was Alles Beter!

Finished projects for

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