About us

We are Start Moovin


Music is a powerful tool, that holds the ability to deliver strong messages without the use of words. It can trigger love, bring people closer together and touch people in a way they never deemed possible. It’s like a language with an infinite amount of dialects. And as with every dialect, for some it sounds like gibberish and for some it’s music to their ears. Fans of a certain genre are influenced by this dialect. Interests, contacts, expressions and even appearance.

What we do? We listen. To the music and its fans, your target audience. A day without music doesn’t exist in our book. We simply can’t live without it! It’s the thread running through our existence. Because of it, we acquire new and crucial information to build your festival, artist or business into something people can fall in love with, connect with and want to become a part of. ‘Music speaks, we listen.’ 


We, Thomas Sterks and Laurens van Beers, decided back in 2017 to combine our years of friendship and vision on the future of the music & entertainment industry into Start Moovin. Using a lot of creativity, passion, knowledge and Dutch sobriety we help various organizations to bring out the best in themselves through online marketing. Our childhood dream has become a reality!

Our team

Everyone who steps into our office will notice a few things. Music is always blasting from the speakers, the coffee machine is working overtime and a blinking dog waits impatiently to greet you. Our office is the headquarters of a bunch of Brabantse guys who’ll never refuse a chance to party. But we are also hard-working. Our passion requires 200%, day and night. You need to be a little bonkers, but we wouldn’t want it any other way!


Nora, our loyal helper

"Best welcoming party ever!"
Thomas Sterks Founder
Laurens van Beers Founder
Jaap Hunting Creative Specialist
Michael Diks Michael Diks
Michael Diks Advertising Specialist

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