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The theme of your event, artist or business is the creative interpretation around the story you want to tell. And just like the story, the theme starts at the foundation, the start of the campaign. By using emotion, commitment and association among other things, you add an extra dimension to your event, artist or business. Closer to reality or as far away from it as possible. Everything is possible.

A strong theme lets you take your target audience on a full experience trip, carefully constructed for them to seduce them into becoming a fan of your brand. But before you start fantasizing it’s good to know who your target audience is and if they would even like to see a story about fairies and dragons.

Why a theme?

  • Contributes to the experience of your target audience
  • Results in a higer involvement
  • Easily translatable in the right content

Take your target audience on a trip


A creative trip sounds fun, but where will you go to? As we mentioned above, it is one thing to come up with a theme featuring elves and dragons, but perhaps your target audience would rather stay closer to reality. That doesn’t mean your theme can’t contain any creativity. On the contrary. Your event, artist or business, with the help of a theme, will always have the possibility of a creative interpretation. That challenge, is what we live for!

Every target audience is different. Just like every person is different. At each event, artist or business you look for common ground and features, so you can process them in the theme. Is the theme about music, be sure to check if it fits the genre.


Your target audience wants to be surprised. They want to see and experience things they have never seen before. Using a theme you can stimulate your target audience beforehand with thematic content, building a strong brand experience.


We have a lot of experience coming up with and working out a creative theme for events, artists and other businesses in the music entertainment industry. Together with you we will look at your story and your target audience, how they can be tuned to one another, which theme fits best and how it can be translated to creative content.

Music is our passion and years of experience has taught us that we are perfectly capable to seamlessly place ourselves in the minds of your target audience. Curious? Test us!

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