shockerz 2017 Moovin Hexagon
sold out
12.000 +
Facebook event visitors
22.000 +
Post likes
220.000 +
Relevant people reached

The challenge

The successful collaboration with Shockerz Events goes back a couple of years. From concept to execution, Start Moovin supports raw hardstyle event Shockerz in every way possible, regarding their online marketing. Every since 2015 the event had been sold out each edition, partly because of the strong concept.

After two successful and sold out editions in the Maaspoort in Den Bosch an enormous challenge arose: moving the concept to the three times larger venue Autotron in the nearby Rosmalen. This wasn’t just any step, but one we took on with both hands. The brand Shockerz had quickly gotten stronger and we gave our best to make this edition of Shockerz another grand success.

Content creation

View a selection of the visual content we provided for the festival Shockerz 2017.

Our approach


In order to get three times as much visitors to Shockerz, the concept had to become more famous. That’s why together with the organization we came up with a unique social campaign, with several key moments, to get the grip of the entire hardstyle scene. By using pre-recorded livestreams on Facebook certain artists were ‘hacked’ by an unknown organization.

While fans quickly noticed artists weren’t really hacked, a huge buzz arose around the campaign. Everyone wanted to know who was behind all this and eventually Shockerz itself revealed it on their own pages with a grand trailer and the theme ‘Conflict Override’.


While Shockerz was already starting to become a serious player in Maaspoort, it was still a relatively small event. In order to make sure Autotron would be filled, it was vital that we transferred a feeling of greatness to the target audience. We did that by telling the story in such a way that it seemed like the entire hardstyle scene was attacked by an unknown organization. Besides that we involved a lot of different artists and the video content we used was of an extremely high quality.


“I have been working with Start Moovin for a few years now and I keep being amazed about the passion and creativity they put into these events, let alone their level of knowledge. They are hard-working, honest, down to earth and ready for you night and day.”

Robbert van Hintum | Shockerz Events

At the start of the campaign we gathered to brainstorm about a new theme a couple of times. The theme formed the thread which would run through the upcoming edition. Shockerz is an indoor raw hardstyle event with a mostly young target audience. Involvement, solidarity, association and emotion are important factors that people value greatly. That’s why we always use these key elements in any upcoming new theme, each time stepping away further from reality.


By constantly monitoring the ad-results from the Shockerz campaigns we were able to divide the budget neatly and boosted them on ads that led to a higher Return On Investment, instead of using fixed amounts. Constantly optimizing and upscaling the conversions, has resulted in Shockerz 2017 selling out completely before the event took place!

Finished projects for

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