brutality 2018 Moovin Hexagon
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The challenge

A new event is always exciting, because to us it means that we can do everything in our power to make the first impression the right one. The concept Brutality is an event with mostly hardcore music at a high tempo, taking place in the club Time-Out in Gemert. Seeing this is a much talked about nightlife club, it was our job to lay down the event in a way people wouldn’t weigh down on it too much.

Oh, and did we already tell you it took place during new years eve? Another challenge, but one we were more than happy to grasp with both hands!

Our approach

Fans of uptempo hardcore, as Brutality’s typical genre is generally called, mostly care about a few things: favourite artists, a great sound system and a room filled with equals. To make sure we addressed the target audience in the right way and with the right content, we started out with an elaborate content calendar.

Since there hadn’t been a single edition before, the organization didn’t want to use resources like a trailer and new years eve is quite the busy period for events, the challenge grew larger and larger for us. The line-up was quite something, so that offered us to, together with the right response to the motives of the target audience, to release the event as a strong concept you couldn’t miss for the world. We did just that by showing the right content through the right channels to the right target audience. It seemed to catch on, because the event sold out completely a week before the event!

Finished projects for

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