Peacock in Concert 2018 Moovin Hexagon
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The challenge

BKJN Events is an organization operation mostly within the hardcore scene. Each year they host several events, including some with the popular hardcore artist Dr. Peacock. Recently he releases a brand-new act, called Peacock in Concert. The act is a true musical masterpiece, seeing he performs together with six other artists, including a guitarist, pianist, violinist and more. This unique experience hit hard on multiple manstages, which made the organization decide to host an event especially for this act. Start Moovin got the opportunity to support all of BKJN Events’ events with their online marketing, which included this one.

Our approach

At first we looked at the theme of this edition. After the necessary artwork had been made, we set up an extensive content calendar, so both BKJN Events and Dr. Peacock’s team would be up-to-date about all content that would be posted at all times.

Almost the entire (social) content creation, strategy and promotion was successfully executed by Start Moovin. At multiple occasions during the campaign we came together to discuss the progress of the event and how we could improve things.

Finished projects for

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