Setting up a festival live stream

In these times of COVID-19 madness there is a lot of uncertainty in the event industry. Governments are cancelling events, with both Dutch and Belgian events being forbidden until the 1st of September. It has disastrous consequences for festivals, promoters and suppliers throughout Europe now 2020’s festival season has gone up in smoke. More and … Continued

How to organize a music festival

To organize a music festival is a dream for many people. Entertaining thousands of people on an event that you put up yourself, that’s what you want to reach. But there is a lot more than meets the eye when you start organizing your own music festival. Festival management requires a lot of planning and … Continued

Festival Marketing: How to distinct yourself in a saturated market

In recent years one of the words that has been generating quite a buzz in the world of marketing is ‘experience’. But what does is mean? Experience marketing is described as marketing where an experience is created for a product or service like a festival. A prime example is the Red Bull Stratos Space Jump, … Continued

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